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Have you ever heard about E Math and A Math? Well basically, E Math is elementary math and A Math is additional math. These two discuss different topics and these two are different in many ways. In this article, we are going to tell you more about these two like how you could score better and we will talk about tuition as well. So if you are struggling with E Math or you are about to have E Math and A Math then this article is for you.

If you are looking for E Maths tuition Singapore, you can try Advo Education Centre that offers quality secondary Maths tuition. They feature ex-MOE teachers and have a wealth of prior teaching experience. If you need help for it urgently, such as for O’ Levels, they also have subject-focused intensive courses to help you improve quickly and effectively. If you are serious about improving your grades, you should check out their site immediately.

Yodaa will now then tell us how we could get A1 for E-Math for the O-levels. Let us read below.

How to get A1 for E-Math for the O-levels?

Taking the Elementary Mathematics (E-Math) is a basic requirement for students who are sitting for the O-levels. It can be an easy subject for some but also a subject that some find difficult to score in. Particularly at the O-levels, it may be more difficult to attain an A1 due to the steep bell-curve.
Here are 6 tips for you to follow through to guide you towards getting the A1 for your E-Math at the O-levels:

  1. Know the format and syllabus
    As mentioned in the various posts on aceing examinations, you will always need to have a good understanding of the format and syllabus. Preparing for the E-Math paper is no exception. Being familiar with the format and syllabus will help you know requirements of the paper and tackle it better.

The E-Math paper syllabus is as follow: Read more here.

No matter what, it is really important that you ensure that you have a good understanding of all the topics. We are not certain of the items that will come out of the test that is why it is always safe to study and understand each or most of the topics.

Now, the next topic that we are going to discuss about is E Maths tuition for experienced tutors. Edu Aid Tuition Services will tell us about it,

E Maths Tuition from Experienced Tutors

Math is introduced right from the start of a child’s formal education in Singapore. Even at primary one, math can be extremely elaborate. Some of the problem sums posed to primary school students can even be difficult enough to stump us adults. It is important for your child to have a reliable E Maths home tuition teacher. As children advance on into secondary school, maths is the last thing that gets easier. Upon entry of secondary one, secondary school students find that their basic principles of math are replaced by the syllabus of elementary mathematics, or otherwise known as E Math. However, the word ‘elementary’ should not be undermined as the syllabus can be described as anything other than elementary.

The most common misconception is that A Math is more difficult than E Math. However, that’s not always the case. Certain students might find the former more challenging, while

others might struggle more with the latter. It’s highly subjective and almost entirely dependent on the way that the student perceives the subject. What one student understands about E Math might not be the same as another. Because of this, students who find it difficult to comprehend E Math are left in need of desperate help. Edu Aid is a tuition agency that connects parents and students with reliable E Math private tutors. Fill up a ‘Request A Tutor’ form and get your child the help that he needs to achieve improved results in E Math today! Read more here.

Great! We can now request for tutors who can provide the help that your children need to achieve improved results in E Math. They have dedicated tutors who could surely teach your child well and good. In addition, Edu Aid Tuition Services again will tell us about A Math home tuition in Singapore.

A Math Home Tuition in Singapore

It’s no doubt that students in general despise math and feel a certain sense of hatred against it. More often than not, students finds themselves feeling more confused by quadratic equations, trigonometric functions, polynomials and partial fractions, and that’s merely a handful of subjects that secondary school students have to learn if they take A Math. As you can already tell, none of these topics are even remotely simplistic or straightforward. It’s also no help that the syllabus are constantly changing as more advanced subjects are added into the curriculum.

The pace of secondary school is also hard to keep up with. It’s an environment where information is unloaded at a rapid pace, making it challenging for them to keep up with what’s going on. There’s just far too much to learn and an insufficient amount of time to teach, forcing secondary school teachers to speed their way through the syllabus. Whoever that’s left behind is often forgotten and left in the dark, overcome by a sense of helplessness. Secondary school students need help in this area; a lot of it.  Read more here.

So just like what was mentioned above, there are math tutors in Singapore for tough courses. They also suggest that you should choose a private tuition for a more effective learning. A form was also already provided for you to fill up if ever you are interested. Math, in general, could really be difficult that is why if you really want to improve and if you have the chance, there are tutors around to help you.

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