10 Ways To Brighten Your Bathroom On A Budget 

bathroom in a garden

How Do You Make Your Bathroom More Cosy?

After using the same bathroom for years, you probably feel it is time to redecorate it. Fortunately, you can brighten your bathroom in the following ways, and even better, you don’t have to break the bank. 

  1. Place a painting at the focal point.
  2. Paint the walls.
  3. Hang and layer towels of different colours and sizes.
  4. Use colourful baskets.
  5. Find a spot for your favourite plant. 
  6. Change your faucet 
  7. Scrub the tiles.
  8. Change the light fixture.
  9. Use Self-adhesive contact paper on the counter and cabinet doors. 
  10. Change your rugs 

Place A Painting At The Focal Point

Identify the focal point in your bathroom. Which is the first place your eyes fall on when you walk into your bathroom? You can brighten this spot by getting a nice painting to place there. Consider the size of the wall when choosing the painting. A small one may look great on a wide wall, but a larger one may look better. 

Paint The Walls

Painting bathroom walls shouldn’t be costly. It is even cheaper if part of the walls is tiled. If your walls are dull, you should consider a bright or neutral colour, like white. If you already have a painting in kind, consider how well it would look with the paint colour you want to use. 

Hang And Layer Towels Of Different Colours And Sizes

Your towel holder can be a great asset in your bathroom if you use it correctly. You can add colour to your bathroom by hanging towels of different sizes and colours. 

Use Colourful Baskets

Baskets can be both functional and decorative. Instead of putting your toiletries on your vanity, you can use a basket as an organizer and accessory. You can also get a basket to place rolled towels of different colours. Your bathroom will look neat and brighter. 

Find A Spot For Your Favourite Plant

Plants brighten any room, including the bathroom. You can choose to place one on your bathroom counter or floor. Whichever your prefered location, a plant would be a great addition to your bathroom. 

Change Your Faucet

At a glance, a new faucet may not seem to be ideal, especially when working on a budget. However, that old facet may seem to be out of place after you transform your bathroom. Additionally, the faucet doesn’t need to be an expensive one. You can get one at a low price, but it would look awesome in your bathroom. 

Scrub The Tiles

Bathroom tiles are great at hiding dirt. However, when you wash them, you will notice that they are brighter. Scrub the tiles, and your bathroom will appear cleaner and brighter.

Change The Light Fixture

If your house is old, your light fixtures are probably outdated. You can brighten and modernize your bathroom with some of the recent light fixtures. 

Use Self-adhesive Contact Paper

Self-adhesive contact paper can transform your bathroom counter and bathroom cabinets. They are affordable, and they come in different shades, colours, and patterns. They are also easy to use, so you don’t need to worry about hiring someone to fix them for you. 

Change Your Rugs

You can also transform your bathroom by changing your rugs. Get rugs of different colours, textures, and sizes. If the rugs fit in with the different changes you have made in your bathroom, then they are the right pick. 

Your bathroom is a vital space in your home. How good it looks is a direct reflection of the other rooms. Look for a Malaysian bathroom supplier to help you transform your bathroom inexpensively.