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bathroom in a garden

How Do You Make Your Bathroom More Cosy?

After using the same bathroom for years, you probably feel it is time to redecorate it. Fortunately, you can brighten your bathroom in the following ways, and even better, you don’t have to break the bank. 

  1. Place a painting at the focal point.
  2. Paint the walls.
  3. Hang and layer towels of different colours and sizes.
  4. Use colourful baskets.
  5. Find a spot for your favourite plant. 
  6. Change your faucet 
  7. Scrub the tiles.
  8. Change the light fixture.
  9. Use Self-adhesive contact paper on the counter and cabinet doors. 
  10. Change your rugs 

Place A Painting At The Focal Point

Identify the focal point in your bathroom. Which is the first place your eyes fall on when you walk into your bathroom? You can brighten this spot by getting a nice painting to place there. Consider the size of the wall when choosing the painting. A small one may look great on a wide wall, but a larger one may look better. 

Paint The Walls

Painting bathroom walls shouldn’t be costly. It is even cheaper if part of the walls is tiled. If your walls are dull, you should consider a bright or neutral colour, like white. If you already have a painting in kind, consider how well it would look with the paint colour you want to use. 

Hang And Layer Towels Of Different Colours And Sizes

Your towel holder can be a great asset in your bathroom if you use it correctly. You can add colour to your bathroom by hanging towels of different sizes and colours. 

Use Colourful Baskets

Baskets can be both functional and decorative. Instead of putting your toiletries on your vanity, you can use a basket as an organizer and accessory. You can also get a basket to place rolled towels of different colours. Your bathroom will look neat and brighter. 

Find A Spot For Your Favourite Plant

Plants brighten any room, including the bathroom. You can choose to place one on your bathroom counter or floor. Whichever your prefered location, a plant would be a great addition to your bathroom. 

Change Your Faucet

At a glance, a new faucet may not seem to be ideal, especially when working on a budget. However, that old facet may seem to be out of place after you transform your bathroom. Additionally, the faucet doesn’t need to be an expensive one. You can get one at a low price, but it would look awesome in your bathroom. 

Scrub The Tiles

Bathroom tiles are great at hiding dirt. However, when you wash them, you will notice that they are brighter. Scrub the tiles, and your bathroom will appear cleaner and brighter.

Change The Light Fixture

If your house is old, your light fixtures are probably outdated. You can brighten and modernize your bathroom with some of the recent light fixtures. 

Use Self-adhesive Contact Paper

Self-adhesive contact paper can transform your bathroom counter and bathroom cabinets. They are affordable, and they come in different shades, colours, and patterns. They are also easy to use, so you don’t need to worry about hiring someone to fix them for you. 

Change Your Rugs

You can also transform your bathroom by changing your rugs. Get rugs of different colours, textures, and sizes. If the rugs fit in with the different changes you have made in your bathroom, then they are the right pick. 

Your bathroom is a vital space in your home. How good it looks is a direct reflection of the other rooms. Look for a Malaysian bathroom supplier to help you transform your bathroom inexpensively.

man wearing customised lanyard pouring coffee

How To Choose The Best Customised Lanyard?

When shopping for lanyards, you’ll discover choosing the best customised lanyard is not easy. You will have to consider several aspects, including the fabric, the design, size, and function. If you use the lanyard every day, you need to ensure you make the right choice. Even event organizers go out of their way to ensure the lanyards they choose are ideal, even though they are only useful for a few hours. 

A good personalised lanyard should be;


A customised lanyard should not be itchy. Singapore’s warm and humid weather is no excuse for giving employees and visitors lanyards that irritate the neck. The type of fabric will determine how comfortable one is when wearing a lanyard, especially if it is a requirement for employees to wear one all day. 

When you choose lanyards made of poor-quality fabric, employees will be forced to be creative on how they wear their work IDs, with some opting to put the lanyard in their pockets when they cannot stand the discomfort. This will affect customer service since the employees may not be easily identified, especially if they don’t wear uniforms.  

A loose-fitting lanyard is also more comfortable than a tight one. 


The lanyard is exposed to so much movement throughout the day. Some employees wear and remove their name tags all day. The customised lanyard may be placed on the desk, in the drawers, and sometimes, they are shoved in the bag with minimal care. A personalised lanyard Singapore should withstand all these movements without ripping or fraying. 


Lanyards don’t have to be plain. They can also be a fashion accessory that can reflect your interests and personality. Corporations can put a smile on their visitors’ faces when they find the unexpected on the customised lanyards. For example, you may print fun movie quotes or cartoon characters. 

Have A Strong Clip

The hook or clip on the customised lanyard has to be strong. Important items are often attached to the lanyard. They could be visitors’ passes, employee IDs, or car keys. A good lanyard should have a clip that will hold items of different weights. 

The type of clip will influence the item to be attached. For example, some lanyards are ideal for clipping on IDs, while others have clips strong enough to handle heavier items, like bunches of keys. 

It is important to consider the purpose of the customised lanyard when choosing your preferred clip. For example, a snap button is great for ID badges, while the lobster clip is great for hooking keys. 


Lanyards are great for marketing a brand and identifying service providers at a large event. However, customised lanyards should be affordable, especially if you will need to order many. 

The good news is many companies that produce personalised lanyards in Singapore offer discounted rates for bulk orders. 

The rates also vary depending on the type of fabric. So, you can still get lanyards that fit your budget. 

A good lanyard will make it easier for you to find your work ID or keys easily when fetching them in your bag. Customised lanyards have many functions. Getting high-quality lanyards will ensure you can use them for a longer time and that they will not wear out quickly. 

red sports jersey

Why Should People Wear Jerseys?

Teams are today more competitive than ever. Even those in informal settings attempt to copy professional teams, from their workout routine to how they dress. Wearing custom jerseys in Singapore during team building or highly competitive games gives the team members a sense of commitment to their cause. 

Have you noticed that some teams have very attractive jerseys? What makes the design jerseys stand out?

Made Of Suitable Fabric

When choosing fabric for a custom jersey Singapore, you need to consider several factors. You and your team members will enjoy the game even more if you are comfortable. The fabric of sports jerseys needs to be breathable, lightweight, odour resistant, cost-effective, durable, comfortable, and quick-wicking. 

Comfortable Fit

A good custom jersey fits the player comfortably. Avoid having excess fabric bunching because this can be quite uncomfortable and risky, especially during high-impact sports, like rugby. 

If you are looking for a design jersey for team building activities, a jersey that is too big can be a hindrance, especially if one has to go through loops that easily get a hold of a loose-fitting jersey. 

If you are concerned about getting the wrong size, pick a custom jersey Singapore made from polyester, which stretches easily, but without the risk of it losing shape over time. 

Ideal Sleeve Length

When choosing whether you should have a sleeveless, short, or long-sleeved design jersey, you need to consider the activities you will be involved in. For example, a customer jersey Singapore with short sleeves may be ideal when playing badminton indoors but unsuitable for cycling for hours outdoors. 

Although it often depends on one’s preference, some sleeves, such as long sleeves, help protect against sunburns. If you prefer short sleeves, ensure the edges are not too tight since they can restrict movement and interfere with blood circulation. 

Unique Features

When customising a design jersey, you have the freedom to include features, such as hidden zips, pockets, and grid tape to keep the jersey from riding up. These features make the custom jersey Singapore unique yet functional, depending on the purpose of the jersey. 

You can ask the person handling the design jerseys if the features you have in mind are feasible. It is also important to consider the fabric and the additional features you would like to include are possible. 

Overall Appeal

If you are interested in design jerseys for several people, you need to ensure the style you pick is appealing to everyone. Consider the team members’ physical build and find out if the colours and custom jersey Singapore design is suitable. Find common ground when styling to ensure the overall look of the jersey is appealing for everyone. 

Durable Prints

The prints on design jerseys should endure several washes and weather conditions. If you are spending hours outdoors, the prints on the custom jersey Singapore should not peel or fade off. Ensure you use credible service providers who use printing techniques that are most suitable for the fabric. 

These are the qualities of a good custom jersey. When you choose the right fabric and printing technique, your custom jerseys will last a long time. Grab your custom design sports jerseys in singapore now!

Woman washing her hair with shower head

People Need A New Shower Head For:

  • Improving water pressure or 
  • If you are renovating the entire bathroom. 

In either case, selecting the right choice is difficult for you. You just don’t go to the bathroom accessories showroom or order online, you rather would like to see certain things before placing an order. You need to see if the handheld is the preferred choice, or fixed works well. It is also possible you might want to have a combo type. Thus, it is your choice, your household decision or the space of your washroom which decides which one to select. 

User Reviews For Shower Head Sets:

Based on the users’ comments and the review on different types of shower head sets in Malaysia, the preferred choices are discussed below:

The Wall Mount Shower Head Sets:

These types have secured maximum reviews by users and fall in the category of the most liked shower head. The price range starts from $50 and can easily be found on some online retailers as well. The shower head set is easy to install, manage and is available in sleek designs. The pressure of the water is very intense due to special technology embedded. Customers feel the type offer a proper balance of water and they feel amused while taking shower. 

The Handheld Shower head Sets:

For those consumers who are looking for a lightweight and easily manageable head, this handheld is the preferred choice. The market in Malaysia has around severed different types and settings of this model. The stretching of the model can stay as long as 72 inches and the hose is somehow extra-long. People with long hair like this type the most before it is now easy to wash away shampoo from their hair. The price of the shower head set is around $25.

The Best Rain Shower head Sets:

A shower is a pleasant experience in itself for many people and they want to enjoy the time. This rain is yet another type of shower head that is easily installed and managed in terms of the water pressure it offers. Since the shower is attached to the main arm, so it never requires tough installation. The experience feels as if you are standing under the waterfall and enjoying. 

Filter Shower Head Sets:

The shower heads with built-in filter are preferred over non-filter shower head sets. Normally, the filter keeps the harmful impacts of chemical away from the body parts and hair. Chlorine which is normally used to clean the water is very harmful if come in contact with humans. Thus, the filter keeps the chlorine impact from water at bay thus keeping you and your skin save.

Dual Shower Head Sets:

People have also shared satisfaction with using dual shower head set. They can lower or high water pressure. The same shower can become handheld when needed or otherwise can be used as it is.

Some types offer higher pressure of water. Some are also available with low water pressure. So when you come back from the office all tired, then water massage with high pressure is such a respite.


Users have shared their personal experience of using different types of shower head sets. Your purchase is dependent upon comments and reviews of the users as well. But, you should select the one which you think can do wonder for you. 

three dark t-shirts on hangers

How To Choose The Best Cloth For T-Shirt Printing

When preparing custom t-shirts, you will need to spend time choosing the fabric. Having an awesome design will be worthless if you do not get the right fabric. If the t-shirt is of poor-quality material, that is the first thing people will notice. 

Besides the type of material, you also need to consider the type of printing you would like. Some fabrics work well with dye sublimation but may not be ideal for direct-to-garment (DTG) printing. You need to know various types of prints and how well they turn out on different fabrics. 

100% Cotton

Cotton t-shirts feel great on the skin. They help you remain cool, even on hot days. Cotton is one of the common fabrics preferred for custom t-shirts in Singapore. Not only does it take in ink well, but it is also affordable and is available in a range of colours. 

Although it has several advantages which make it the ideal choice for t-shirt printing, cotton wrinkles easily. Sometimes, this makes the printing process a little difficult. 

There are three main types of cotton fabric;

Combed Cotton 

Combed cotton is the softest cotton fabric. This is mainly because of the production process, where cotton fibers are treated before being spun into yarn. Unfortunately, this process comes at a price. Combed cotton is expensive compared to the other cotton fabrics. 

Supima Cotton

When it comes to quality, Supima cotton is the best. The fabric is ultra-strong. It doesn’t fade, nor does it stretch. The more you wash a custom t-shirt Singapore made of Supima cotton, the softer it becomes. 

Organic Cotton

This type of cotton, as the name suggests, is grown organically. Pesticides and fertilizers made of chemicals are avoided during the production process. Unfortunately, the price tag of organic cotton is higher than that of basic cotton. 

This explains the difference in cotton t-shirts, not just in the texture but in their appearance after washing.


Polyester is a common synthetic fiber used for t-shirt printing. If you are interested in dye sublimation in the custom print, then polyester is an excellent choice. Besides its ability to absorb ink perfectly, polyester is also easy to wash, dries quickly, and does not wrinkle. 


If you cannot decide on one specific material, then you should consider having a blend of two or more fabrics. The most common custom t-shirt Singapore blend is that of cotton and polyester. T-shirts with poly-cotton blends are usually softer than 100% cotton. 

You also get the best of both fabrics in the t-shirt. For example, while 100% cotton wrinkles, poly-cotton t-shirts are wrinkle-free, thanks to the polyester. The polyester in poly-cotton blended t-shirts gives them a little stretch, which feels incredible. 

Tri-blends are also quite popular, with the most common being a mix of cotton, polyester, and Rayon. Rayon is made from a blend of plants and cotton. Its texture is similar to that of silk. However, the price tag is lower than that of silk. 

On its own, Rayon is delicate for a custom t-shirt Singapore. It also wrinkles easily and is not as durable as the other materials. However, when blended with cotton and polyester, Rayon makes the t-shirt super soft and comfortable. 


The fabric is very critical in customised t-shirt printing. Whether you are customising t-shirts for a one-time event, as a gift, or part of the work uniform, you need to ensure you pick a fabric that meets your custom printing preference. 

man wearing jacket close up

Singapore Has An Interesting Relationship With Jackets

Singapore experiences a uniform climate all year. Its geographical location, at 1 degree north of the equator, is primarily responsible for the hot and humid climate. Although it does not have clear-cut seasons, like summer and winter, Singapore has predictable weather, with rainfall being an everyday phenomenon. Given the weather patterns, corporate institutions can use custom jackets in Singapore to market their services. 

Types of Jackets

The first thing companies need to decide is the jackets they wish to customise. Jackets are available in different sizes, styles, and fabrics. When choosing one, businesses need to determine how practical the jacket is, especially for employees working in the field. 

When it gets cold, the custom Jacket Singapore should keep the workers dry and warm. However, it should not be burdensome to carry when it gets too hot to wear.

Some of the jackets to choose from include:

Softshell Jackets

Softshell jackets are made from soft fabric, which is breathable, lightweight, and waterproof. This custom jacket Singapore is made from polyester. This custom jacket is an excellent choice for corporations in Singapore because it is ideal for transitional weather. It is not heavy, so employees can easily move with their branded jackets in case it rains. 

Fleece Jackets

Fleece jackets are lightweight yet warm. Many corporations prefer them because they are stylish and are easy to customise. 

Puffer Jackets

Wearing a puffer jacket is as good as moving with your sleeping bag. It helps employees who have an early start in the cold to stay warm. If it is raining, the waterproof exterior will ensure the wearers stay dry. Corporations can embroider the company logo on the puffer custom jacket Singapore. 

Rain Jackets

If employees need to use both hands when working outdoors, a custom rain jacket is ideal because it will protect them against the rains as they work. 


Productivity is likely to drop if employees are feeling cold. Providing windbreakers to protect against the stinging cold will not only keep them warm but will enable them to keep working comfortably. Additionally, custom windbreakers are excellent for marketing because the fabric of the windbreaker is easy to brand. 

How to Customise Jackets

Corporate jackets can be customised in three main ways, embroidery, heat transfer, and screen printing. However, the most common method is embroidery, often used on windbreakers, rain jackets, fleeces, and winter coats. 

Screen printing is a personalization method used to transfer company logos on track jackets, work jackets, and softshell jackets. Heat transfer printing is not very common on jackets. It is mainly used on acrylic and cotton fabrics. 

Where To Place Company Logos On Jackets

Unlike t-shirts and hoodies, logos at the centre front of the jackets are out of the question. This is because of the zipper running in the middle of the custom jacket Singapore. Instead, companies should consider placing the logo and text on the right or left side of the jacket, the back, and on the sleeves. 

In Conclusion

Companies have greater freedom to decide how they wish to customise jackets. This is why corporations should take advantage of the available surfaces to make the jackets as unique and stylish as they wish. A minimalist or elaborate approach can be used, depending on the company’s interest. 

The change

Gone were the days where if someone must buy any type of property and insure it, they need to meet an agent from any insurance company. Things have changed enormously in the past decade. The banking sector was allowed to enter the zone of insurance in many states across the nation and many nations across the globe. This time, there is no requirement to meet an agent in person to buy a policy or to insure a property. The reason – everything is now online. There is no contact with a company’s agents or brokers as every detail is placed in a respective company’s website and customer services are being provided through telephone or live chat.

Options for every individual

There are many types of platforms where an insurance company can sell their respective products and policies. For instance, if an individual wanted to purchase marine cargo insurance, he/she can directly go the company they want to buy a policy, with a certain amount of premium. In other cases, one can go meet a broker who has ties with one or more companies. These independent brokers can independently advise as per the need and requirement of the customer. In the first case, one can have a direct association with the respective company’s agent for the insurance they opt. In the second case, a certain amount of money is paid as a fee to the advisor for guiding them through the selection.

Select the right one through ratings

These days, identifying the right company that can pay your losses or compensate the damage is easy. That can be done through ratings provided by customers. Good, bad and ugly, everything is fair today, thanks to the internet.

The firms who rate these insurance companies might use various grades. However, the criteria used by all of them is more or less similar and depends on the management stability of a company, performance recorded from recent records and finally, the financial ability to repay the losses.

Services that can be acquired

It is important to know who the agent, customer care executive or even the broker you hire is to get an assured and valued service that is most required.

Always feel free to ask the following questions: Is there counselling provided for the type of insurance taken? Is there an annual review provided for the updates of coverage? Is there someone who can answer the insurance-related queries? Is there any executive to resolve all issues related to billing and claiming? Lastly, it is better to choose a provider who is close to your house or office, so that it is approachable.

Recruiting people from another country is no longer a big deal. With social media connectivity and the world getting smaller, the ease of finding talent across continents is a breeze. Learning about the culture of another country and exploring job opportunities is the wonders of employment. From the perspective of an employer, it is his duty as per law, to make very certain that all overseas employees are covered by foreign worker insurance . Here are a couple of reasons why this is essential for both the employer and the employee.

In case of an accident at work, even after working hours, employees in a foreign land, need to be able to get medical treatment. In case the injury is extremely severe making him incapable of completing his contract based on the extent of the damage, he must be permitted leave with pay or transported back to his country with suitable compensation.

Bilateral relation between nations requires that citizens be taken care of while at work, in another country. If this does not pan out, the country may be able to take this up with higher authorities making life difficult for the company.

Travel insurance is a mandatory requisite primarily for professionals moving about from city to city or across oceans. While employed at the foreign country, the firm has to ensure that every person travelling has valid travel insurance. This is important in the event of a medical emergency while on the job, in another country.

Medical insurance though covered in accidental and travel insurance needs to be made available for employees. Every foreigner working, irrespective of hierarchy is entitled to have proper medical coverage while at work and during the duration of his work permit.

An employee who has not been covered with foreign worker insurance can sue the company for breach of contract. This can set the firm back considerably as any law favors the worker who has been wronged.

An employee who has joined a firm in a new country has to be capable of delivering on the job. From the company’s perspective, if the employee fails to deliver, they will have to relieve him of his duties. As per this basic, a firm may offer compensation with a reference for future employment.

The basis of working out a strategy that benefits the worker and the firm is to make sure that all parties involved are safe.

Commercial insurance is a type of insurance that helps provide protection to businesses against losses, damage, and destruction. It includes protection provided to employees of the business such as the workmen’s compensation act and personal liability insurance. There are various types of commercial insurance for different types of businesses and companies so depending on what type of business you have or run you can choose a suitable insurance policy accordingly.

Let us look at some of the popular types of Commercial Business Insurance available

Engineering insurance

Engineering insurance provides complete protection to buildings that are undergoing construction and covers all risks related to contractors and erection. It indemnifies or compensates any losses incurred by a building or engineering project while a building is being erected. It covers all kinds of risks associated with the construction of a building and any kind of erection work for a certain period of time on the payment of periodical premiums that the building developers, contractors or engineers will pay to the particular insurance company. It covers any damage or loss to the property as well as third party liability for property damage or injury to the body caused accidentally during the erection or construction of a building. It will not, however, cover the risk of loss or damage caused due to events that are not mentioned as per the terms of the engineering insurance contract.

Property insurance

It is basically the insurance provided to a building or property once it is fully constructed and operating. It covers any risk of damage caused to the building, including renovation costs, the cost of furniture and fittings, stocks, plant and machinery and other components and properties of the building that are liable to loss or damage. The loss or damage should arise from either natural causes like fire, lighting or impact damage such as water, explosion damage. It includes loss caused by maliciousness, strikes, riots and earthquakes. You can add more risks to be covered in your insurance policy. Property insurance is of four kinds – money insurance, plate glass insurance, burglary insurance, and business interruption insurance.

Advantages of having Commercial insurance:

It covers all kinds of natural and manmade risks associated with any kind of property or commercial business. It covers a wide range of properties including the employees working in the business or organization.

It also includes the liability of directors and officers working in a large business organization or multinational company in addition to their personal life insurance policies. Foreign worker medical insurance is also covered by commercial insurance.

Allegiance is an insurance company in Singapore that provides all kinds of commercial insurance including professional indemnity insurance in Singapore.

A liability claim can not only cause a severe strain on a company’s finances but also lead to bankruptcy. As a result, it is essential that organizations, both big and small, have a safety net to cover the costs incurred in such claims. Commercial insurance provides that safety net which can alleviate the financial difficulties caused by a liability claim.

Let us look at the variety of risks that Commercial Insurance can cover any claim for compensation.

Public Liability Insurance

Any business that interacts with the public like a restaurant or a shopping mall has a public liability risk. An accident involving a customer can result in an expensive claim for medical expenses. Public liability insurance covers all expenses incurred by your employees and representatives while interacting with the public.

Worker Injury Compensation Act (WICA)

The Worker Injury Compensation Act (WICA) in Singapore guarantees compensation for employees from injuries and illnesses that occur while working and because of work thanks to contractors all risk insurance singapore. According to Section 23 of the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA), it is compulsory for an employer to have a Work Injury Compensation policy that protects employers from liabilities that occur due to worker injury and illness.

Product Liability Insurance

Liability claims that occur because of defective products are covered by Product Liability Insurance.


Professional Liability Insurance


While providing services to clients, your employees can cause damage to property and equipment belonging to your client. Professional Liability Insurance covers any expenses that occur while providing professional services to clients.

Other forms of corporate insurance include Property Insurance and Commercial Auto Insurance. While the former covers any damage to property and equipment owned by the company the latter covers any damages to vehicles used in any commercial activity.

The rest of this article will describe some corporate insurance companies in Singapore:

AIA Singapore

Established in Shanghai in 1919, AIA has a robust presence in 18 markets across the Asia-Pacific region. AIA is also the largest listed company on the Honk Kong Stock Exchange. By focussing exclusively on the Asia-Pacific region, this company has devised a business strategy according to the unique requirements of markets in this region.


Zurich Insurance Singapore


Established in 1872 with its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland, Zurich Insurance Group established operations in Singapore in 2006. Owing to its rich expertise in providing insurance solutions for many decades, this company offers the entire gamut of insurance options to its corporate clients. Along with product liability insurance, public liability insurance and general liability insurance, Zurich Insurance offers a variety of solutions tailor made for certain industries. A few of them are listed below.

For the Unique requirements of the energy industry, Zurich Insurance provides Onshore Property Coverage as well as Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Coverage in the Energy Industry.

In the Marine Industry, Zurich Insurance provides Marine Cargo Insurance and Marine Delay in Start-up Insurance. While the former offers compensation for damaged and lost cargo, the latter covers losses incurred when shipments are delayed.

Owing to the significant level of risk of an accident involving the public, Zurich Insurance offers a public liability insurance solution specifically designed for the construction industry.

Great Eastern Life

Started in 1908, Great Eastern Life Assurance has the largest customer base in Singapore and Malaysia. With over a century of experience protecting not only the lives and health but also the property and the valuables of its customers, Great Eastern has established a reputation for excellence. A few of the wide range of services developed by Great Eastern for corporates are listed below.

Wellness Programmes to help your employees improve their fitness and health.

Portable medical benefits that can be transferred when your employee leaves your company or retires.

Property protection and Workplace Injury Liability Protection.

In some ways, technology has made gift shopping much easier. Customised gifts are more special and show great thought went into the choice of gift. How then do you decide which personalised photo gifts are ideal? Since you have various options, there are several things to have in mind to help you pick one gift over another. 

The occasion

Are you looking for a birthday, wedding anniversary, or retirement gift? Some personalised photo gifts can be given to any of the events. However, some have more meaning than others. 

For example, if a person is relocating to another city or country, a personalised photo gift will remind him of the people he is leaving behind or the place he called home for years. Alternatively, you may choose to use a photo of the place he is moving to as a sign of goodwill. 

What is your relationship with the person?

Are the customised gifts for family, close friends, workmates, or your boss? Your relationship will influence the kind of personalised photo gifts that you will get. Some gifts are more intimate and are ideal for close relations. 

How you personalise the gift also matters. For example, you may need to be more official in the text you use for a senior work colleague’s personalised photo gift. A witty, funnier text may be more suitable for close friends. 

Your budget

How much can you spend on a customised gift? Personalised photo gifts come with an additional cost, depending on how far you’d like to go to make the gift unique. For example, a regular gift box will cost more for a photo and text to be imprinted on it. 

Some gifts are easier to customise, so the cost may not be high. It is important to consider the additional cost of personalised photo gifts. If the cost is beyond your budget, it is best to consider other customised photo gifts. For example, if you cannot afford acrylic photo blocks, you can consider wooden photo blocks because they are slightly cheaper. 

The person’s personality

Some people are more sentimental than others. However, everyone enjoys receiving a gift from a loved one. The only question is, which gift means more to whom? Some people will show excitement and appreciation at receiving personalised photo gifts with images of their friends and family.

Others are not so sentimental. Yes, they may hang a few photos here and there, but they are just photos. If the person is more taken by the photo’s background, such as nature, he may appreciate an acrylic photo block of his favourite destination instead. 

Does the person need something that can be customised?

When buying customised photo gifts, many people seek something the person will like. However, you should also consider something he needs. Getting someone more wooden photo blocks when he already has many may not be ideal. Instead, you may consider something a little different, like the acrylic photo block. 

Personalised photo gifts are special. Fortunately, you can convert several items in the market into special gifts for your loved one. You only need to figure out which gift is best. 

Customised gifts that have multiple functions are even better because they will be useful, and the person will always remember it was a gift from you. 

Photography has undergone various changes over the years. Besides the cameras in smartphones becoming the key selling features to help you capture the moments wherever you are, you now have greater flexibility in how you want to display the photos. A personalised wooden photo block is one of the popular ways to store some of your favourite memories. 

They are available in various shapes.

Wooden blocks come in various shapes. This means you can print your photos and display them in various ways. Using wooden photo blocks of various shapes can be decorative. Besides the photos, the shapes add character to your space, making your home and office quite attractive. 

Professional display

Wood photo prints give a sense of professionalism. There is no doubt that the wooden photo blocks are a work of art compared to other photo frames. The edge-to-edge photos capture every aspect of the image. 

They also give a raw and minimalist appeal that is often evident in wildlife and wildlife photography. Besides displaying moments in your life, a personalised wooden photo block makes a striking statement, whether it is in your home or office. 

High print quality

The process of attaching the print photo on wood block is delicate and requires the highest standard possible. Since the wooden photo blocks in the market are appealing, one expects a high-quality finish. So, makers of wooden photo blocks go an extra mile to ensure they deliver vibrant images with a finish to protect the image for years. 

It is durable

Wooden photo blocks have a protective coating which ensures the image remains intact for years. The satin laminate sheen makes it possible for you to wipe off dust and keep the photo clean without damaging it. So, even after several years, your personalised wooden photo block looks as good as it did on the first day. 

They come in various sizes.

The wooden photo blocks come in various sizes, so you have greater flexibility when choosing the ideal photo size. Consider your budget, where you’d like to display it, and whether you’d like to hang it or place it on a tabletop or desk. 

The larger the print photo on wood block, the higher the price. Having a budget will help you decide how many wooden photo blocks you should buy. You may opt to alternate the sizes for a great display. 

You may choose to add a frame.

Wooden photo blocks display photos edge-to-edge. So, if you don’t want a frame, you may choose to retain the wood photo prints as they are. Alternatively, you can create a more dramatic outcome by introducing a frame to the wooden photo block. 

The frame protects the print photo on wood block from damage, especially if with wooden photo block is often moved. If your photo is likely to be exposed to a moist environment, the frame prevents the edges from chipping. 

If you are torn between using regular photo frames and wooden photo blocks, it is best to look at each display’s benefits. Personalised wooden photo blocks enhance the appeal of your home and office. Additionally, if you have many photos, they look like a private studio where you place a collection of your memories as a family. 

Music lovers appreciate that time often overshadows their love for a particular song or artist. Do you sometimes hear a song you once loved and wonder how you could have gone for so long without listening to it? Is there a song that means so much to you that you wish you could have it within easy reach whenever you have the urge to listen to it? The Spotify acrylic plaque is the solution. 

Create a wall of your favourite music

The Spotify acrylic music album allows you to use a cover and your preferred music, which you can beautifully hang on the wall. A QR Code is printed onto the song. When you want to listen to the song, all you need to do is scan the code on the Spotify search bar. The song will automatically play. So, you will not only have a beautiful wall of your favourite music, but you also have easy access to the song you’d like to play. 

You can customize the acrylic plaque.

The custom acrylic Singapore is not just a quick link to your favourite song. It is also going to be part of your interior décor. This is why you can customize it using the ideal photo and colour. This will help enhance its appearance, and at the same time, ensure it fits in with the rest of your décor. 

They are the perfect gift.

Choosing a gift can be a challenge. When buying a gift, you want to get something that will add value to your loved one. The acrylic music album can be personalized, and there are so many ways for you to customize it to make it special.

For example, you can combine a person’s favourite colour, the perfect photo, and the right song. This makes the gift special because it shows you thought of every way to personalize it. The Spotify acrylic plaque has made gift shopping much easier, and since no two plaques are the same, the gift will be unique. 

The acrylic glass plaque does not break.

When buying a gift for yourself or a loved one, you want to get a keepsake that will be around for years, if not a lifetime. The Spotify acrylic plaque is popular because it is made of glass that will not break should it fall. So, you are not only selecting the perfect gift, but you are also getting one that is durable. 

They are available in different sizes.

Since custom acrylic Singapore attracts buyers of different budgets, the Spotify acrylic music album is available in different sizes. This ensures anyone interested in the acrylic plaque can get one depending on his preferred size and style. The larger and thicker it is, the higher the price. The price flexibility makes the acrylic plaque the ideal gift. 

The Spotify acrylic music album allows you to personalize the message as much as you’d like. You may choose to use the album art or create your cover. You can also choose to have a sentimental message linked to the song, especially if it reflects your feelings or mood. 

In case your business is held accountable for causing injury to an individual or people who are not on your company payroll or for damage caused to their property, the relevant legal expenses, and the compensation payments can be covered by the Public Liability Insurance in Singapore. The scope of this policy also extends to death, bodily injury or damage to a person’s possessions, which has been caused by your company. The PL insurance provides coverage for payment of compensation claims that are made by members of public, customers or even suppliers who are dealing or interacting with your business. However, an important point to note here is that the PL insurance will not cover employee injuries or damage caused to their properties. You will require a separate liability policy for the employees to tackle such risks.

Instances of public liability

An instance of the application of a public limited policy would be if a supplier, while trips accidentally on one of the loose floorboards while delivering some ingredients to the office cafeteria. The supplier suffered from physical injuries and is now claiming compensation for damages against the business owner. A second example could be a consultant while working in the office of a client spoils some tea and damages an expensive computer gadget of his client. Subsequently, the client claims for the expenses of replacement or repair. Another good example is a customer in a parlor can claim for compensation if her hair got burnt by the hair straighteners, which a hair stylist on the payroll of the salon had left, switched on accidentally.

Paying compensation

In all the above scenarios, if a business or an individual takes legal action for the injury or damage they have experienced, the courts will eventually give the final verdict on the responsibility. In case the court finds a company liable for causing damage, death or injury, it will order the business to pay monetary compensation to the plaintiff. The payment for compensation will consider factors like the loss of earnings for the claimant, expenses for repairing or replacing the damaged property or any other medical costs. The PL insurance policy also covers the legal expenses of the insured as well as the legal costs incurred by the claimant, as well as the compensation amount, subject to the policy’s limit.

Levels of cover

Your cover limit can be selected based on the level and the kind of risks that your business is vulnerable to along with the probable limit of compensation payments. The limit of the policy is the maximum value that an insurance company will be paying for a particular event or it can even be the total maximum amount that an insurer will be paying for many events in a single year.

Do live in Singapore? Are you a professional who offers specialized services to people? If yes, you need to read this article carefully, as it contains intricate details about a type of insurance that can protect you when things go south.

Whether you are an accountant, lawyer, business strategist, weight loss coach, doctor, or you offer some sort of services to people, you need to be protected. Why you ask? Well, the reason for this is because things may not go the way you planned and professional indemnity protection is required.

For example, if you are a business strategist, and offer advice to a promising startup to help it increase its customers and revenue. Unfortunately, your advice didn’t yield positive results. In fact, the startup lost thousands of dollars because they followed the strategies you provided. When this happens, you are likely going to be sued and may end up paying thousands of hard-earned dollars to bail yourself out of the hot mess you are in, and in keeping your business afloat.

The following article by Cimaglobal shed light on a special type of insurance that can protect professionals when things don’t go according to plan.

Professional indemnity insurance

As a CIMA Member in Practice (MIP), you must have Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII). Not only is it a mandatory requirement, but it is also in your interests and that of your business to have appropriate levels of Professional Indemnity Insurance. Read more here.

You likely now know a few things about professional indemnity insurance like- who can opt for it and what it protects against. You also now know a thing or two you must keep in mind before opting for it. Before making a final decision, you must consult a professional to help you determine the extent of protection you should opt for.

The following article by Adam Hayes explains how indemnity insurance works and how you can get the most out of it.

Indemnity Insurance

Indemnity insurance is a contractual agreement in which one party guarantees compensation for actual or potential losses or damages sustained by another party. Most commonly, it is an insurance policy designed to protect professionals and business owners when found to be at fault for a specific event, such as misjudgment. Read more here.

You likely know have a clear picture of how liability insurance works, who can opt for it, and how to get the most out of it. You also now know what it covers and doesn’t cover. But do you know what set it apart from liability insurance and other types of insurance out there? Read the following article carefully to find out more.

The following article by Business shed light on the difference between liability insurance and professional insurance.

Liability insurance and professional indemnity

If you own a business, you can be liable for damages or injuries to another person or property. Though liability insurance is mostly optional, you might want to consider it for your business if the likelihood of legal action is high. Read more here.

You surely now know that public liability insurance protects against financial risk from property damage, consequential loss, death, and injury of a client, and so on. You also now know that professional indemnity insurance help covers the cost of legal action that may be due to a breach of contract, mistakes, and miscalculations.

Final note

Keeping business or a career afloat in this ever-changing economy is no walk in the park. Even if you do your best to satisfy the needs of your customers and offer the best of services, there is no guarantee that your business will thrive.

The reason for this is that certain issues like giving poor advice, miscalculations, medical malpractice, and so on can derail you from your goal and drag you into a bottomless abyss. If your business isn’t protected, you are finished.

However, if you have professional labiality insurance, you can be confident that you will be able to come out of certain situations with a smile on your face.

As a business owner or a professional, it is your responsibility to do whatever it takes to keep your business afloat. To do this, you have to figure out, not just how to make your business or career grow or how to increase your customer base, but also how to protect your business and reputation when legal action is taken against you perhaps because of a mistake, miscalculation, and omission you made.

The best way to protect your business from cases like this is by having protection through indemnity insurance. Keep in mind that it is not mandatory to have it in a certain industry and profession. However, if you are doing any of the following, you should consider opting for it as soon as possible- accountants, interior designers, IT consultant, town planning, doctors, surveyors, fitness coach, risk management, construction, and so on.

The following article by Lloydsbank shed light on some reasons why professionals in the above industries should have professional indemnity insurance?

Do I need Professional Indemnity Insurance?

Here are some reasons why you may need Professional Indemnity Insurance which might help make things clearer: You provide advice and consultancy – Clients can claim compensation if there’s a mistake in the advice you’ve given. Read more here.

You likely now know some gripping reasons why professionals should have PI insurance. You also now know a solid strategy that can help you determine how much cover you need. Before making a final decision or opting for it, there are some important things you must keep in mind.

The following article by Bytestart shed light on everything you need to know before buying a professional indemnity insurance cover.

ByteStart’s Guide to Professional Indemnity Insurance – What You Need to Know Before Buying Cover

If you are in business or starting up a new venture, and you are providing any type of professional service to clients, you will need to look at taking out Professional Indemnity Insurance cover. Read more here.

You are likely now abreast with some important details about PI insurance you probably didn’t know before. You also now know some key things to look out for when choosing a PI insurance policy. But do you know the benefits you will enjoy when you have it? Do you also know what it covers? Read the next article carefully if you don’t.

The following article by Simplybusiness discusses what Professional indemnity insurance cover.

What does professional indemnity insurance cover?

Professional indemnity insurance can cover compensation payments and legal fees if a business is sued by their client for a mistake they’ve made in their work. The compensation payment will usually take into account the financial loss that the client has suffered. Read more here.

You likely now know that PI insurance can help cover legal fees and compensation payments. You also now know that PI can also cover bodily injury, property damage, and losses that occurred because of your negligence, error, omission, miscalculation, and malpractice. 

Final note

Preparation is undoubtedly one of the keys to business success in Singapore and other parts of the world. But what exactly does it mean to prepare? Well, it can mean everything from having insurance to taking steps to prevent your business from bankruptcy. 

As a business owner or professional, you have the complete freedom to opt for any insurance to protect your career.

However, if you offer specialized services to customers, then it is wise you opt for professional indemnity insurance. The obvious reason for this is that it can help cover legal charges and compensation when your clients suffered losses because of a mistake you made. So, if you aren’t leveraging it, you are missing out.

If you offer professional services and advice to other businesses, and you don’t have professional indemnity insurance, your future is at risk. Because of the ever-changing business terrain in Singapore, professionals cannot be 100% sure that their advice, strategies, and services will yield positive results.

Scheme, tactics, and policies that may be working right now may become obsolete and ineffective in a week, month, or a year time. If you happen to give advice to a client, and it didn’t yield the desired result or caused damages and losses, legal action is surely going to be taken against you.

What are you going to do when this happens? Where are you going to get the money to compensate the client who suffered losses? If you don’t have some sort of indemnity insurance for professional services, you are finished. That said, the best type of insurance for issues concerning, miscalculations, negligence, omissions, and so on, is PI insurance. Want to find out more about it? If yes, read this article carefully.

The following article by Kelvin Pratt shed light on some percussive reasons why professionals in Singapore and other parts of the world should get professional indemnity insurance.

Consider professional indemnity insurance and get covered today

Professional indemnity insurance is designed to cover the cost of any claims made against your company by a client for any losses they suffer because of your work or advice. It is usually included as part of your general business insurance policy. Read more here. 

You are likely now abreast with some convincing reasons why every professionals need to have PI insurance. You also now know that PI insurance covers everything from losses because of copyright-protected materials to losses because you shed sensitive information, misleading advice, and mistakes. But do you know how it works? If you don’t, you are going to find the next article useful. 

The following article by Towergateinsurance shed light on some important things you need to know about professional indemnity insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance Explained

Professional indemnity insurance is a type of liability insurance designed to protect businesses and individuals who provide advice or expertise to third parties. Also known as professional liability insurance or errors and omissions insurance (E&O) Read more here.

You likely now know a thing or two about some common types of insurance. You also now know what professional indemnity insurance is for and professionals that should opt of it. Even after knowing these, you must dive even deeper to determine- how much PI insurance you need and how much it will cost you to get it.

The following article by Publicaccountants shed light on some important details you need to know before opting for professional indemnity insurance.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

IPA Insure recognizes the importance of a highly competitive Professional Indemnity insurance policy for IPA members. Underwritten by CGU, our Professional Indemnity insurance is specifically tailored to meet the risk exposure of accountants, Read more here.

You surely now have a clear picture of how Professional indemnity insurance works. You also now know the benefits you will enjoy when you opt for it. Depending on the nature of your business or the services you offer, you may have doubts and questions because you are new to it. Don’t let them overwhelm you. Instead, consult an expert and satisfy your curiosity.

Final note

 As a professional, you have the complete freedom to choose Professional indemnity insurance. However, if you want to thrive and dominate your competitors, you must opt for it.

The reason for this is that we humans can make mistakes that are often very costly to fix. In some circumstances, you may have to pay a small fortune to address a pellet size mistake you made a while back.

 PI insurance is the best way to protect your career and future against errors, omissions, damages, losses, and miscalculations you may have made while addressing the need of your clients.

All employees involved in hazardous occupations know and fear that an accident in the workplace can cause permanent disability or death. Even if the disability is temporary, the earnings lost because of medical leave can be substantial. The Singapore government devised the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) to compensate workers for work related injuries and illnesses.

The WICA is an alternative to the common law procedure to seek compensation for work related injuries and illnesses. A common law court requires not also a lawyer but also the legal fees charged by the lawyer and the courts.

Additionally, the decision is taken by a judge and the employee will have to prove that illness or accident was due to the negligence of the employer. Under the WICA, the applicant does not require a lawyer or any legal fees. Instead of a judge, the final decision is taken by an Assistant Commissioner appointed by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM).

The main two benefits of the WICA are as follows.

The person filing the complaint will only have to prove that the accident was caused either during work or as a consequence of work. There is no necessity to prove negligence on part of the employer.

Under the WICA, claims settlement is remarkably faster when compared to the common law process.

After having seen how the WICA functions, let us see the types of injuries and illnesses compensated under this act.

A single line description of the scope of WICA is as follows. WICA allows workers to seek compensation from employers for accidents and illnesses that occur not only because of work but also while working. Four types of scenarios covered by WICA are described below.

Accidents that occur because of the nature of the job performed

Many industries, like construction, oil and gas and mining involve the handling of machines where a life threatening injury can occur anytime. Similar risks are involved while working at heights. Under the provisions of the WICA, employers have to compensate the injured employee within 21 days from the date of service of the notice of assessment (NOA) issued by the MOM. The remarkably short frame of time given to the employer to pay the claim amount is critical in ensuring that critical medical treatment is available to the affected employee.

Accidents that occur when the employee is deployed on an overseas job

A unique feature of the WICA is that workers should be compensated for injuries that occur when they are on foreign assignments.

Accidents that occur during the course of completing a work assignment

Any situation where the employee is involved in an activity related to his or her employer is covered under this condition. For example, accidents that occur while travelling to and from the workplace in a company vehicle are covered under this condition. On the other hand, accidents that occur while travelling to and from the workplace in a vehicle that does not belong to the company are not covered under this condition. In a similar manner, a road accident that occurs while the employee is on a work assignment outside the workplace is covered under this condition. A road accident that occurs if the employee is doing a personal task is not covered under this condition.

Long term illnesses caused by exposure to chemicals and radiation are also covered by the WICA.

The WICA mandates that employers seek insurance cover for all manual work and for non-manual work where a person earns a monthly salary of less than $1600. Even though many employers might feel that Worker Injury Compensation Insurance is not necessary for them, it is not wise to do so. Remember that a workplace injury includes electrocution and fires that occur in the office premises. It is, therefore, necessary for all employers to take a Work Injury Compensation Insurance policy.

Work injury compensation insurance is a plan that provides legal coverage to the employers. . Such a policy is also helpful in satisfying the liabilities that are imposed upon them under the statute of workers’ compensation. The coverage is important for employers since it is useful for them to pay compensation in the event of a death or injury of their employees while they are at workplace. Although there is no doubt that it is an extremely crucial corporate insurance product, there are several employers who would rather not purchase it as there are several misconceptions surrounding them. Here are some of the top myths on work injury compensation insurance debunked.

Myth 1: Work injury compensation insurance is only meant for large organizations and not contractors all risk insurance singapore .

Although you may have a few workers you will require work injury compensation insurance. Yes, it is an optional coverage, but it is recommended that you buy this policy as you could be still held responsible for any type of injuries caused to your workers while they are at work

Myth 2: You feel that the working environment at your workplace is safe and your workers are not likely to get injured.

In reality, it is one of the most important responsibilities to provide a conducive and safe working environment to your workers since you are the employer. No matter how safe you feel the workplace is, accidents can still take place leading to injuries. Thus, it is definitely useful to purchase a work injury compensation insurance policy so that you are ready for any kind of eventualities. Though it may appear unlikely, it is always better to be safe than to be sorry later.

Myth 3: When most of your workers are not located in your office, you need not purchase a work injury compensation insurance coverage.

Though your staffs may be working for you from various other sites, you may still require purchasing a work injury compensation insurance plan. After all, there will not be any key impact due to the geographical location where they stay.

Myth 4: You part as an employer ceases since you have already given the compensation under your work injury compensation insurance.

Your most important role as the employer begins of after you paid the compensation through a work injury compensation insurance. It is essential for you as an employer to establish frequent connection with the injured employee so that you can monitor their recovery process continuously. When you do so, you will know when your injured employee will be able to resume his or her work. On several occasions, employees not only expect monitory benefits but also appreciate the human youth and sympathy that you extend towards them as their employer. Additionally, in case your employee sustains an injury due to alteration in their professional responsibilities; you may find a fresh job for that worker prior to their resuming work post recovery.

Myth 5: Your part-time workers do not fall within the scope of work injury compensation insurance

In reality, your employee’s status is not important of you plan to apply for a work injury compensation insurance policy. In fact, all employees who are a part of your payroll can be under the purview of this corporate insurance and that includes full-time as well as part-time workers.

Myth 6: You feel your workers are like your family members. Hence they will never sue you

While it is good to know that you regard your workers like the members of your family, you could be mistaken when you do not purchase this coverage thinking that they will never sue you. If you do not have work injury compensation insurance, you may have to make payments from your own pocket in case an injured worker sues you.

Claims for Work Injury Compensation can be made either by the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA) or Common law. In both cases, a strategic procedure has been set in order to provide fast processing of the insurance claims so that the insured can be compensated at the earliest.

The procedure is as follows:


STEP 1: REPORTING – the accident must be reported to the employer immediately after it happens. Based on the information and the severity of the accident, the compensation will be determined. In case there is no real threat or injury to the insured, work injury compensation will not be given.


STEP 2: FILING A CLAIM – the employee or insured has the freedom to choose his claim from either the work injury compensation or common law. He must file a claim within one year from the accident.


STEP 3: MEDICAL ASSESSMENT – the insured has to undergo medical assessment in order to receive the compensation. The doctor has a list of guidelines and treatment that he needs to exercise in order to understand the seriousness of the injuries based on which the payable amount is calculated. Once the insured receives the medical report, the insured or claimant must promptly submit it to the hospital or treatment center along with the medical fees stipulated by the hospital. The fees are paid by the employer. Follow ups of appointment dates and undergoing treatment is mandatory for the claimant. The claimant cannot work if he is found to be unfit by the doctors who treat him. If there is a case of doubt, the claimant can seek the advice of the doctor.  The claimant cannot be forced to work when he is still in the recovery phase and advised by the medical experts to take time off from work. If the claimant is forced, he can request for assistance from the MOM (Ministry of Manpower). But the claimant has to be sincere in his appointments. If he continuously changes doctors or does not attend the medical assessment, the compensation can be suspended.


STEP 4: COMPENSATION AMOUNT – once the medical assessment is performed and the medical report is ready, the report is submitted to the Ministry of Manpower where a Notice of Assessment (NA) is issued to the insured, employer and the insurer. The amount of compensation is mentioned in the NA. If there are any conflicting opinions about the NA, a notice of objection can be raised within 14 days to the Commissioner of the Ministry of Manpower.


STEP 5: CLAIMS – if there is no objection, the amount of compensation can be claims within 21 days after the issue of the Notice of Assessment.


These clear guidelines help make the compensation procedure clean and mess-free. When such well-established procedures are in place, malpractices can be kept at bay.

A performance bond safeguards the interest of the owner of a project and ensures that the project finishes on time, irrespective of any unforeseen circumstance that may otherwise hinder the completion of the project. Following are some of the key benefits of performance bond:

Confidence: Performance bond Singapore lends credence to the ability of a contractor who is about to undertake a project, as stringent measures are taken to assess the financial and professional credentials of the contractor before the bond is issued. The whole prequalification process instills project owner’s confidence in the contractor as the project owner is assured about the ability of the contractor and enough proof that the contractor, in the past, has complied with the guidelines of the completed projects.

Financial security: A performance bond ensures that the project owner doesn’t incur any loss during the course of the project, if the contractor defaults, or pays any additional cost for the completion of the project. If the contractor fails to comply with the terms and conditions of the project or declares bankruptcy before the completion of the project, the owner becomes entitled to make a claim and that’s when the surety company steps in. The surety company then verifies the legitimacy of the claim and takes a decision based on the findings. If the claim has substantial merit, then the surety company ensures that the owner is not impacted financially as a result of the default.

Guarantees completion of a project: A performance bond is meant to protect the interest of a project owner and it ensures the completion of a project even if an undesirable situation crops up. If a contractor fails to adhere to the terms and conditions specified in the contract, the surety company steps in to ensure that the project finishes as planned. Upon receipt of a valid claim, the surety company would either provide financial funding for the completion of the project or would hire a new contractor to complete the pending work.

Apart from that, performance bond Singapore entails other associated benefits as well. If the contractor exceeds the deadline of the project or violates budgetary constraints specified in the contract, the project owner can make a claim. In short, it provides all necessary protections to project owners and they should ideally ask contractors to obtain performance bonds before entering into a contract so that their project is not affected by a situation that can be avoided if preventive measures are taken.

Many people get baffled as far as the topic of car insurance is concerned. Moreover, there are so many myths that surround the subject of vehicle insurance, aggravating the situation further. These misconceptions about the vehicle insurance can be easily busted when you do dome sort of a research. When you are aware of the facts, you are in a much better position to select the right car policy and ensure that you enjoy the most profitable rate.

Take a look at some of the top myths that are associated with car insurance and the fact behind them.

Myth 1: All car insurers rate in the same manner.

Here is a myth that makes many people believe that in their unique scenarios like an accident, being a new driver or a ticket will not let them get a more profitable premium eaten anywhere else. In reality, all car insurers follow their own unique system to rate coverage. Each insurer then goes on to give a distinct rate according to a host of factors, which determine the premium rates. So, if you shop around before making the final decision, it will be a wise decision.

Myth 2: You are entitled to purchase a car insurance policy irrespective of the type of car you are driving

This is not true at all. Irrespective of whether you are driving a car that belongs to your friend or a rental vehicle, your coverage may not always follow you in the capacity of a driver. Insurance is linked with the driver but with the car. So, if you are driving a friend’s car, it is their insurance, which will take a priority for paying a claim. As far as the rental cars are concerned coverage for that can be added to your car insurance policies. However, if you do not add it, you will not get any cover for a damage caused to your rental vehicle.

Myth 3: You need not pay for an increase in the event of accident forgiveness

If you want to avoid an increase in insurance for that first accident of yours, accident forgiveness is a great option. However, you need to bear in mind that the feature has got its own set of limitations. All insurers have certain situations that are out of their forgiveness program. If you intend to change your insurer, the previous forgiveness does not move with you. Your new car insurer can even charge you for fault insurance, which is on the record.

Myth 4: It is not possible for the new drivers to bring down their rates

While there is no doubt that a new driver may end up paying higher rates that does not signify that the insured cannot do anything about it. Insurers may offer some discounts to the new drivers so that they can avail lower premium rates such as discounts on courses for driver education and discount for the good students.

Allegiance can take care of all your queries on insurance related services and levy bonds.

The Work Injury Compensation Act or WICA is a quick and efficient means that allows an employee to claim compensation for work related injuries or diseases without the need of legal procedures.

The First Step

In the case of an accident at work resulting in an injury or a disease, inform your employer as soon as possible. You can also report the incident to the Ministry of Manpower to avoid possible disputes. In fact, every employer has the liability to report to MOM if an accident at work has caused an employee to be hospitalized for 24 hours or to take medical leave for more than three days. The original Medical Certificate is to be given to the employer to claim medical leave wages. Your employer has the obligation, under WICA, to pay the medical bills incurred by the injury or the disease. Even if the employer is waiting for the insurance claim, he is required to pay the medical leave wages by the next payday. Hence, any failure in this matter can be reported to the MOM.

RTW Treatments

According to the changes in the Work Injury Compensation Act effective from 1 January 2016, treatments that are directed toward an employee’s quicker return to work are incorporated under the term medical expenses. Return to Work or RTW activities that can claim WICA compensation include case management, evaluation of functional capacity and assessment of worksite in view of the proper rehabilitation of injured workers.

Serious Injuries

In the case of an injury resulting in a permanent incapacity, you can claim the compensation amount set out by WICA by submitting the relevant claim form within one year, counting from the day of the accident. A waiting period of 3 to 6 months may be required for the doctor to assess the degree of permanent incapacity and submit his report. If you fail to make the required medical appointments, your claim may be suspended.

If you are the holder of a Work Permit, your employer has to provide you with accommodation and food during the recovery period.

The compensation amount is calculated based on the medical report sent by your hospital and MOM issues a notice of assessment or NOA to you, your employer and your employer’s insurer. An objection can be filed within 14 days and if not, the amount will be paid to you by the insurer.

In the case of the death of an employee, his family or dependents may claim the compensation sum. Even if the employer is no longer in business, he will have to pay the claim if it is eligible.