Available Shower Heads Sets: Reviewed By People

Woman washing her hair with shower head

People Need A New Shower Head For:

  • Improving water pressure or 
  • If you are renovating the entire bathroom. 

In either case, selecting the right choice is difficult for you. You just don’t go to the bathroom accessories showroom or order online, you rather would like to see certain things before placing an order. You need to see if the handheld is the preferred choice, or fixed works well. It is also possible you might want to have a combo type. Thus, it is your choice, your household decision or the space of your washroom which decides which one to select. 

User Reviews For Shower Head Sets:

Based on the users’ comments and the review on different types of shower head sets in Malaysia, the preferred choices are discussed below:

The Wall Mount Shower Head Sets:

These types have secured maximum reviews by users and fall in the category of the most liked shower head. The price range starts from $50 and can easily be found on some online retailers as well. The shower head set is easy to install, manage and is available in sleek designs. The pressure of the water is very intense due to special technology embedded. Customers feel the type offer a proper balance of water and they feel amused while taking shower. 

The Handheld Shower head Sets:

For those consumers who are looking for a lightweight and easily manageable head, this handheld is the preferred choice. The market in Malaysia has around severed different types and settings of this model. The stretching of the model can stay as long as 72 inches and the hose is somehow extra-long. People with long hair like this type the most before it is now easy to wash away shampoo from their hair. The price of the shower head set is around $25.

The Best Rain Shower head Sets:

A shower is a pleasant experience in itself for many people and they want to enjoy the time. This rain is yet another type of shower head that is easily installed and managed in terms of the water pressure it offers. Since the shower is attached to the main arm, so it never requires tough installation. The experience feels as if you are standing under the waterfall and enjoying. 

Filter Shower Head Sets:

The shower heads with built-in filter are preferred over non-filter shower head sets. Normally, the filter keeps the harmful impacts of chemical away from the body parts and hair. Chlorine which is normally used to clean the water is very harmful if come in contact with humans. Thus, the filter keeps the chlorine impact from water at bay thus keeping you and your skin save.

Dual Shower Head Sets:

People have also shared satisfaction with using dual shower head set. They can lower or high water pressure. The same shower can become handheld when needed or otherwise can be used as it is.

Some types offer higher pressure of water. Some are also available with low water pressure. So when you come back from the office all tired, then water massage with high pressure is such a respite.


Users have shared their personal experience of using different types of shower head sets. Your purchase is dependent upon comments and reviews of the users as well. But, you should select the one which you think can do wonder for you.