Qualities Of A Good Custom Jersey 

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Why Should People Wear Jerseys?

Teams are today more competitive than ever. Even those in informal settings attempt to copy professional teams, from their workout routine to how they dress. Wearing custom jerseys in Singapore during team building or highly competitive games gives the team members a sense of commitment to their cause. 

Have you noticed that some teams have very attractive jerseys? What makes the design jerseys stand out?

Made Of Suitable Fabric

When choosing fabric for a custom jersey Singapore, you need to consider several factors. You and your team members will enjoy the game even more if you are comfortable. The fabric of sports jerseys needs to be breathable, lightweight, odour resistant, cost-effective, durable, comfortable, and quick-wicking. 

Comfortable Fit

A good custom jersey fits the player comfortably. Avoid having excess fabric bunching because this can be quite uncomfortable and risky, especially during high-impact sports, like rugby. 

If you are looking for a design jersey for team building activities, a jersey that is too big can be a hindrance, especially if one has to go through loops that easily get a hold of a loose-fitting jersey. 

If you are concerned about getting the wrong size, pick a custom jersey Singapore made from polyester, which stretches easily, but without the risk of it losing shape over time. 

Ideal Sleeve Length

When choosing whether you should have a sleeveless, short, or long-sleeved design jersey, you need to consider the activities you will be involved in. For example, a customer jersey Singapore with short sleeves may be ideal when playing badminton indoors but unsuitable for cycling for hours outdoors. 

Although it often depends on one’s preference, some sleeves, such as long sleeves, help protect against sunburns. If you prefer short sleeves, ensure the edges are not too tight since they can restrict movement and interfere with blood circulation. 

Unique Features

When customising a design jersey, you have the freedom to include features, such as hidden zips, pockets, and grid tape to keep the jersey from riding up. These features make the custom jersey Singapore unique yet functional, depending on the purpose of the jersey. 

You can ask the person handling the design jerseys if the features you have in mind are feasible. It is also important to consider the fabric and the additional features you would like to include are possible. 

Overall Appeal

If you are interested in design jerseys for several people, you need to ensure the style you pick is appealing to everyone. Consider the team members’ physical build and find out if the colours and custom jersey Singapore design is suitable. Find common ground when styling to ensure the overall look of the jersey is appealing for everyone. 

Durable Prints

The prints on design jerseys should endure several washes and weather conditions. If you are spending hours outdoors, the prints on the custom jersey Singapore should not peel or fade off. Ensure you use credible service providers who use printing techniques that are most suitable for the fabric. 

These are the qualities of a good custom jersey. When you choose the right fabric and printing technique, your custom jerseys will last a long time. Grab your custom design sports jerseys in singapore now!