Qualities of The Best Customised Lanyards 

man wearing customised lanyard pouring coffee

How To Choose The Best Customised Lanyard?

When shopping for lanyards, you’ll discover choosing the best customised lanyard is not easy. You will have to consider several aspects, including the fabric, the design, size, and function. If you use the lanyard every day, you need to ensure you make the right choice. Even event organizers go out of their way to ensure the lanyards they choose are ideal, even though they are only useful for a few hours. 

A good personalised lanyard should be;


A customised lanyard should not be itchy. Singapore’s warm and humid weather is no excuse for giving employees and visitors lanyards that irritate the neck. The type of fabric will determine how comfortable one is when wearing a lanyard, especially if it is a requirement for employees to wear one all day. 

When you choose lanyards made of poor-quality fabric, employees will be forced to be creative on how they wear their work IDs, with some opting to put the lanyard in their pockets when they cannot stand the discomfort. This will affect customer service since the employees may not be easily identified, especially if they don’t wear uniforms.  

A loose-fitting lanyard is also more comfortable than a tight one. 


The lanyard is exposed to so much movement throughout the day. Some employees wear and remove their name tags all day. The customised lanyard may be placed on the desk, in the drawers, and sometimes, they are shoved in the bag with minimal care. A personalised lanyard Singapore should withstand all these movements without ripping or fraying. 


Lanyards don’t have to be plain. They can also be a fashion accessory that can reflect your interests and personality. Corporations can put a smile on their visitors’ faces when they find the unexpected on the customised lanyards. For example, you may print fun movie quotes or cartoon characters. 

Have A Strong Clip

The hook or clip on the customised lanyard has to be strong. Important items are often attached to the lanyard. They could be visitors’ passes, employee IDs, or car keys. A good lanyard should have a clip that will hold items of different weights. 

The type of clip will influence the item to be attached. For example, some lanyards are ideal for clipping on IDs, while others have clips strong enough to handle heavier items, like bunches of keys. 

It is important to consider the purpose of the customised lanyard when choosing your preferred clip. For example, a snap button is great for ID badges, while the lobster clip is great for hooking keys. 


Lanyards are great for marketing a brand and identifying service providers at a large event. However, customised lanyards should be affordable, especially if you will need to order many. 

The good news is many companies that produce personalised lanyards in Singapore offer discounted rates for bulk orders. 

The rates also vary depending on the type of fabric. So, you can still get lanyards that fit your budget. 

A good lanyard will make it easier for you to find your work ID or keys easily when fetching them in your bag. Customised lanyards have many functions. Getting high-quality lanyards will ensure you can use them for a longer time and that they will not wear out quickly.